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  1. Installed 51cm Tumbleweed Big Dipper bars, Ergon BT Gravel tape, put the basket back on, and swapped the Yokozuna compressionless housing for some traditional Shimano housing.
  2. New bike day!
A close-up view of a bike stem on top of many big headset spacers. There's black bar tape and a black bar with gold accents.

Dialing In the Hardtack

Getting all my bikes dialed in for the new year. I put some very short reach Tumbleweed Big Dipper bars on!

A pink rigid bike with black-and-tan tires standing up against a median filled with sand and ice plant.

Quick Maintenance on the Hardtack and Egret

My beloved Tanglefoot Hardtack is coming back to me! Logging some maintenance records here.