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Looking behind Kat on the Golden Gate Bridge west sidewalk

January 2024 Riding Highlights

I feel like I rode all over the city this month! Lots of time in the park and Great Walkway as always.

Looking face-on at Kat biking down a wide dirt path in low misty light with her dynamo light shining on two puddles in front of her.

December 2023 Riding Highlights

A bunch of dark, rainy riding, hella coyotes in the park, Lake Merced, Twin Peaks, and (as always) Golden Gate Park. Also 'tis the season to get sick for most of the month :(

Kat riding down a dirt trail on Strawberry Hill with the sunset behind her highlighting a portion of the trail behind her.

2024 Riding Plans

A bunch of places, mostly new-to-me, that I’d like to bike around in 2024.

Kat in a green hoodie riding down Bobcat trail around sunset.

November 2023 Riding Highlights

Marin Headlands at night and at sunset with Kat’s new bike! Christmas tree from Clancy’s! I guess we just go to Clancy’s every month. More Golden Gate Park trails.

A group of cyclists riding around a turn with a 'Mission Creek' banner on the right.

Fall Into Slow Streets Slow Ride

Another ride organized by Safe Street Rebel. Checking out Slow 22nd (future), Sanchez, Arlington, Shotwell, 20th, and Noe.

Kat riding around the bend on one of the Golden Gate Bridge towers

October 2023 Riding Highlights

I’ve never been on the Golden Gate Bridge so many times in a month. Bike party, Slow Street rides, Marin Headlands, and Hawk Hill. And!! Dogs on bikes! Pumpkins on bikes!

Looking behind a person in a flannel riding their bike on a path between serpentine grass.

September 2023 Riding Highlights

New monthly riding record of 803 km! Including a lot of Bay Trail riding, goats doing work, unusually pleasant Golden Gate Bridge crossings, and a car-free Niles Canyon.