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A Brompton leaning against a gate beside a traffic sign that reads 'Cross Traffic Ahead'

Brompton Upgrades

Ezy Superior quick release pedals and dynamo lighting for the toodling around bike.

Looking down from beside the bike at the handlebars with inner bar ends, a phone mount, and small GP1 Evo grips. There's a large paper bag and hat in the basket.

Cockpit Revamp and New Brake Pads on Egret

Refining contact points and doing some routine disc brake maintenance.

A close-up view of a bike stem on top of many big headset spacers. There's black bar tape and a black bar with gold accents.

Dialing In the Hardtack

Getting all my bikes dialed in for the new year. I put some very short reach Tumbleweed Big Dipper bars on!

A blue and gold bicycle propped up with a stick in a misty forest. The bike has a dark tanwall rear tire and a medium tanwall front tire. There are silver cranks and a silver front rack with a burgundy bag.

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 4

It’s been a while! We did a short-lived 2x experiment, put on a thinner rear tire, switched to friction shifting, and racked up.

A close-up of the inner face of the non-drive side fork leg. There's a section where paint has been worn away and shows scraped-up carbon layup underneath.

Marin Nicasio Carbon Damage

There’s some damage to the carbon fork on my Marin Nicasio. Time for a custom steel fork?

A blue e-bike against a metal railing in front of a beach sunset. A blue light is mounted on a black seatpost with a silver tensioning strap and red LED.

Seatpost Mounted SON DC Rear Light

New rear light with tidier wiring.

The front of a Brompton in a bike stand highlighting the handlebars with new grey Ergon grips.

Initial Brompton Setup

Started getting the Brompton dialed in so I can give it a proper try. Really liking it so far! I had to take it to a Brompton dealer for a slipping seatpost though.

A close-up of the tubing on a RIP Rack in GSC Rainbow Chrome with rainbow sparkles glistening.

Rainbow Chrome RIP Rack (Not a Review)

My Hardtack gets its Rawland rack back and my daily driver gets a RIP Rack in GSC Rainbow Chrome.

A blue and gold bike in front of a side-lit oak tree.

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 3

Much closer to this bike’s final fit! We rode into the Marin Headlands, swapped some contact points, and got the dynamo lights on.

A bicycle with a grey/turquoise frame, black and tan tires, and a mix of black and silver components. It's leaning outside on the wall of Scenic Routes Community Bicycle Center in the evening.

Loosey Brakus All-City v69

Here’s the nine-millionth iteration of my All-City Gorilla Monsoon that I’m prepping to live at the bike shop instead of my apartment. Bike camping loaner, woo!

A close-up of a gold brake with the excess cable routed through its slot. It's mounted on a blue bike in a bike stand with a tanwall tire with black knobs.

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 2: Basic Build Complete!

Kat threw on the old Eagle drivetrain from my defunct All-City to finish the build. Now she can play around with bike fit and see how she likes it before its final configuration.

A spinning tire between two blue chainstays. The chainstay in front says 'Bridgestone'

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 1

Maxing out the tire clearance and aligning the derailleur hanger on Kat’s new-to-her Bridgestone BB-1.

The drivetrain of a blue e-bike with a new Shimano CUES cassette, derailleur, and chainring.

Shimano CUES Drivetrain Upgrade for Egret

Attempting to solve the chain retention and shifting issues on my e-bike with a new drivetrain. Now it’s got a narrow-wide chainring, a clutched rear derailleur, and the extra chainline increases the gap so the chain can’t get stuck.

A blue e-bike with black fenders resting on an oak tree beside a dirt path surrounded by other old oaks

It’s Fall Y’all! 🎃💦 Time for Fenders

We’re getting into wet season so I begrudingly put fenders on my e-bike. Kona was a bit sly about the tire/fender clearance so I used a heat gun to open up the rear fender clearance a bit. It worked but it looks real bad.