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I sort of randomly won this Brompton in a CicLAvia raffle. I’m not convinced it’s for me but it’s a serendipitous bike project. Every new bike teaches me a bunch of things and so I’m giving it a good shot. I’ll probably turn it into a loaner if it doesn’t work out for me.

  1. Installed a pair of SimWorks Bubbly pedals, a SON XS dynamo wheel with an Edelux II and Busch+Müller Topline Plus, and the first-party eazy wheels.
  2. Replaced seat sleeve and degreased seatpost.
  3. Fixed front fender, tuned up brake reach, fixed cable end crimping, adjusted rear hub play, swapped to Ergon GS1 Evo grips, flipped the Pentaclip around, put a 38T chainring on, put a PAUL Gino light mount on, brought handlebar pitch inwards, and did my best for the seatpost slipping.
  4. Assembled bike and waxed chain.
  5. New bike day!
A Brompton leaning against a gate beside a traffic sign that reads 'Cross Traffic Ahead'

Brompton Upgrades

Ezy Superior quick release pedals and dynamo lighting for the toodling around bike.

A black nylon sleeve with glue residue on top of a blue bag.

Brompton Seat Sleeve Warranty

A local Brompton dealer replaced the seat sleeve and it seems to have fixed the slipping seatpost.

The front of a Brompton in a bike stand highlighting the handlebars with new grey Ergon grips.

Initial Brompton Setup

Started getting the Brompton dialed in so I can give it a proper try. Really liking it so far! I had to take it to a Brompton dealer for a slipping seatpost though.

A close-up of the mainframe and drivetrain of a Brompton.

New Bike Day! Brompton C Line Explore

Get a load of that brazing, folks. Reclaiming TERF Island.