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The front of a Brompton in a bike stand highlighting the handlebars with new grey Ergon grips.

Initial Brompton Setup

Started getting the Brompton dialed in so I can give it a proper try. Really liking it so far! I had to take it to a Brompton dealer for a slipping seatpost though.

The drivetrain of a blue e-bike with a new Shimano CUES cassette, derailleur, and chainring.

Shimano CUES Drivetrain Upgrade for Egret

Attempting to solve the chain retention and shifting issues on my e-bike with a new drivetrain. Now it’s got a narrow-wide chainring, a clutched rear derailleur, and the extra chainline increases the gap so the chain can’t get stuck.

A close up view of a newly waxed Shimano CN-LG500 chain.

Chain Wax!

Alright nerds I did it, I waxed the chain for my e-bike’s new drivetrain.

A 9-speed chain with caked on grime.

I’m So Close to Waxing My Chain

Maybe I’ve been reading too much internet while stuck at home with a cold but I’m basically convinced to try switching from drip lube to wax.

A buff tabby cat looking grumpy and sitting beside a crankset just out of view.

Linkglide Di2 Is Incompatible With E6100

Gus is grumpy at Shimano for not making their new electronic drivetrains compatible with older e-bikes. I have thoughts on why I’d like to try Linkglide and Di2!

The front of a 1x crankset with the chain case fixing mounts visible

1x Chain Retention Problems

My chain drops on the inboard side and gets real stuck between the motor and chainring. There’s a bunch of different solutions but none of them are perfect.