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A blue and gold bicycle propped up with a stick in a misty forest. The bike has a dark tanwall rear tire and a medium tanwall front tire. There are silver cranks and a silver front rack with a burgundy bag.

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 4

It’s been a while! We did a short-lived 2x experiment, put on a thinner rear tire, switched to friction shifting, and racked up.

A blue and gold bike in front of a side-lit oak tree.

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 3

Much closer to this bike’s final fit! We rode into the Marin Headlands, swapped some contact points, and got the dynamo lights on.

A close-up of a gold brake with the excess cable routed through its slot. It's mounted on a blue bike in a bike stand with a tanwall tire with black knobs.

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 2: Basic Build Complete!

Kat threw on the old Eagle drivetrain from my defunct All-City to finish the build. Now she can play around with bike fit and see how she likes it before its final configuration.

A spinning tire between two blue chainstays. The chainstay in front says 'Bridgestone'

Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 1

Maxing out the tire clearance and aligning the derailleur hanger on Kat’s new-to-her Bridgestone BB-1.