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Rainbow Chrome RIP Rack (Not a Review)

I built my Hardtack (weed can) with a Rawland Cycles Rando rack. I stole this for egret when I got it because the Rene Herse with the integrated bolt didn’t fit through the fork crown. tbh the Rawland might be my favourite front rack but I’ve been curious about the RIP Rack. The pre-order timing for the GSC Rainbow Chrome color was perfect for egret.

A black bike rack with silver basket mounted on the front of a bike.

Back on the Hardtack you go. 🫡

A close-up of a 'Rawland' decal on a black rack.

Installing the RIP Rack was kind of a pain in the ass. But then again I made the mistake (for the 420th time) of installing a rack during a busy community night. It’s sort of difficult to get this rack level on all axes and the tolerances between parts that mate together (diving board under the rack slots in) were tricky with the finish. But I love the result! And I got my first chance to use our bench grinder for touching up the strut ends after cutting them to size.

The right side of the front of a bike with a RIP Rack installed and basket mounted

The basket hold-downs worked great.

A view from the top of a RIP Rack with the black pieces clamping the basket to the rack.

The mounting for the light this bike came with was tricky. I also had to file out some of the finish on the inner circumference of the light mount’s mounting hole. An M6 and spacer saved the day here. No tire shadow and a smidge more tucked away than it was on the Rawland.

A close-up of the M6 assembly for the light on this rack.

The stamp is so cute.

A metal disc stamped 'RATKING 233' on the rack.
A poster hung-up on a shop bench with an exploded view of the RIP Rack.

Get in on those sparkles. 💖

A close-up of the tubing on a RIP Rack in GSC Rainbow Chrome with rainbow sparkles glistening.