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November 2023 Riding Highlights

Kind of a low mileage month, unfortunately. Life happens. BUT, Kat built her new Bridgestone. My waxed drivetrain is continuing to work great. We were in Los Angeles for a few days and didn’t get to bike there but we did walk around the bike path on the river and I’m very stoked to bike there someday. Also, rain riding! I love riding in the rain and the rain is back! Enjoying my rare San Francisco rainy days.

Ripping on the Bridgestone

Here it is!! It’s not its final configuration but that hasn’t stopped us from taking it out on the trails.

A blue and gold bike with 'Bridgestone' on the downtube and 'BB-1' on the seat and toptube.
Kat coming down from Julian Trail. The right half of the image is in shadow from the ridge and the left half is still lit by the low sun

I truly do not come up to the Marin Headlands often enough. I biked up Marincello for the first time and I think Bobcat is a better climb but Marincello is so beautiful.

Three trees on a ridge with a moon in between them. The ridge is in shadow and the trees are still lit by the low sun
A plant with sharp green leaves and fuzzy white tips
Kat taking a photo toward the ocean on a trail with a bit of the San Francisco skyline in the background
Kat going down Marincello Trail
An oak tree hanging over Marincello Trail with a dim sunset in the background

We truly got the best sunset for the Bridgestone’s first Headlands ride.

A dim trail with the sunset in the background
The last fraction of the sun going under the horizon behind the trails
A reddish orange sunset behind the hills with swooping clouds
Kat riding well past sunset towards Bunker Rd

Night Moves

A bunch of us rode up to the top of Bobcat in the Marin Headlands in the quiet night. I haven’t ridden trails in the dark much and it was a great experience. When we descended Julian Trail the owls would all fly out as we came down.

Jerry and Kat riding on a dirt trail in the dark with their headlamps on, riding towards the Golden Gate Bridge (slightly visible)
Kat riding in the dark toward Bobcat Trail with multiple riders up a bit in the distance

Hansel’s Platypus out on the trails with that beautiful Fab’s chest.

A Rivendell Platypus in the dark and its exaggerated shadow on the trail

We saw shooting stars from up here. Jay saw a couple deer but I missed 'em.

A view of the ocean and west side of the city in the dark from near the top of Bobcat Trail. There are some stars and a glow from the city

Riding down Bobcat in the dark was cold and the corrugations were rough but it was so much fun.

Clancy’s for the Scenic Routes Christmas Tree

Another Clancy’s run to get a tree for the bike shop. Atlas is a lot more enthused than Goldberg here.

The blue Kona e-bike hitched to a 6 foot trailer with Goldberg the dog sitting on it

Prepping a space for it.

Ben's Crust Romanceur in the front window corner at the bike shop.

Wildly autumnal vibes — rare for the city.

Jerry and Ben riding out of Golden Gate Park towards the intersection
Our crew rolling into Clancy's. Ben is on his Romanceur and Jerry has a trailer with Atlas in it

Shoutout to Tim for operating this dope fucking tree baler!! It happens so fast. No hayride this time but the machinery was cool. They shake out your tree and then bale it. Then everybody else puts it on top of their car and we put it in a bike trailer because you really, really do not need a car.

A Christmas tree going through a tree baler

The ~8’ tall tree fit perfectly on the 6’ trailer.

Ben adjusting a wreath on his bike basket behind the 6 foot trailer with a tree and reindeer decoration on it
Jerry, Ben, and Sarah riding up Kirkham in some moody weather. A dark blue sky with white clouds hanging over the tree line.
The Christmas tree on the 6 foot trailer in front of Scenic Routes Community Bicycle Center. A large 'No Cars' sign is hung in the background

Apologies to this reindeer, who lost an antler in the ride, and uhhh, I dunno, certainly is in a pose of sorts.

A close-up of the reindeer on top of the Christmas tree on the 6 foot trailer

Golden Gate Park Trails

Super stoked that the trails have gotten some rain and aren’t so dry and loose. Kat and I have been exploring the trails on the north side of the park. These used to be a lil too rowdy for me (I am not a mountain biker) but I’ve been having a lot of fun on them lately.

Kat riding down a forest-y trail off of JFK.
Kat in her green colorblock sweater biking around a bunch of eucalyptus trees

We have a new go-to park trail loop! Taking the north trails going west and the south trails going east.

Kat in the far distance on a narrow trail amongst lots of trees
Kat biking down a sandy hill in front of a few trails

Around San Francisco

We saw vintage streetcar #1050 on the J Church line while biking to the Mission!!

Three people on bikes waving at historic streetcar #1050.
Kat in a green sweater riding down a street with a blue sky and clouds.
Kat riding down Waller St under some sidewalk trees with her flannel blowing in the wind
A view down Fulton St with the 5 Fulton trolley bus coming up to an intersection

I’m building a Corsi-Rosenthal air filter cube for the bike shop. I don’t love using voilé straps when I can’t properly tension them but I was in a pinch and it worked great in the end.

Looking at my bike handlebars with a stack of 3M filters on the basket

Aaaaand it’s Gus. Also we hate ordering from Chewy but he’s a special boy on a prescription diet and Chewy/PetSmart are the only places that will fill a food prescription. It’s bullshit! There aren’t even any active ingredients in the food! Anyway, fuck Big Pet. He does love the box.

A buff tabby cat in a box with paper wrapping