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Kat’s Bridgestone BB-1 Part 2: Basic Build Complete!

We have a complete build! We used a bunch of parts lying around just to start. Kat’s gonna see if the fit works and if she likes the geometry. Then she’ll build it how she really wants. This is also her attempt at running flat bars again. She and I have both struggled with flat bars in the past — preferring the ergonomics of the hoods position on drop bars. It’s a rad build nonetheless.

We had a bit of a problem with her front wheel. This Velocity KT dynamo hub has a defect and most of our QR skewers wouldn’t pass through it. We found a DT Swiss one that would. We’ll reach out to Velocity but this works for now. You can see that lip inside the hub axle when the wheel is held up to the light.

The drive side of a laced dynamo hub with light shining through the hollow axle. There's a small lip inside the axle.

Once both wheels were on we threw a cockpit on quickly with a quill stem and riser bars from the used bins. We had to get Kat over it! Here’s Jay holding Kat up on the bike. There weren’t any cranks yet so I went and acted as the pedals, holding her feet with my hands. It’s the most bottom-y thing I’ve done, folks.

Kat sitting on her bike with her feet resting on the downtube while Jay holds the bars and bike upright.

We took the 1x12 SRAM Eagle drivetrain and ENO crank off my defunct All-City to get a drivetrain with gears for climbing on this bike. It’ll likely be a wide-range double in the future, with a more vintage look.

A blue and gold bike in a bike stand with polished silver cranks, a black cassette, and a black derailleur installed.

Only a front brake hooked up but it’s time to take a spin around the block.

Kat riding her bike towards the camera with a headlamp on.

Kat got the rest of the parts on and hooked up the next day. There’s still some shifting and brake dialing to do but this scrappy build is essentially done!

The right side of a bike cockpit. There's a black Ergon grip, silver PAUL lever, and black SRAM shifter.
A close up of the PAUL brake noodle sitting over the triangular tire knobs.
A close-up of a gold brake with the excess cable routed through its slot. It's mounted on a blue bike in a bike stand with a tanwall tire with black knobs.
A close up of the brass nipples and SimWorks Standalone 001 rim.

Take a nice long sniff of that saddle. Really curious if this Cambium saddle works out for her — this one is on loan from the Scenic Routes saddle library.

Me holding the bike in one arm with my eyes closed sniffing the saddle.

And here we are! I love the black-and-silver look that we accidentally landed on. We still have a few tasks: greasing and adjusting the headset the frameset came with, dialing in the rear brake, and dialing in the shifting. Then it’s just test riding.

The completed bike with a 'Cars Ruin Cities' sticker on the bench the bike is leaning on.