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February 2024 Riding Highlights

Fri 2nd

I need to bike and walk on the paths in the sand dunes on Great Highway Park more often. These were probably the nicest conditions here all month!

The sand dunes with beach grass and white fluffy clouds.

Ended up at Corona Heights in the evening with rain clouds over the skyline.

The San Francisco skyline with a rain cloud over the Transamerica Pyramid

Sat 3rd

Kat biking in a black 'slow is forever' sweater on a windy day

Mon 5th

We got a huge storm on the 4th. Golden Gate Park sustained a lot of damage and the trails have been pretty beat up.

Caution tape cutting off a dirt trail
The sun just peeking under some clouds at Ocean Beach at sunset
Two big rocks in the Pacific with Marin Headlands in the background
A curvy road of white flex posts at night with two street lamps shining into the camera under a tree

Thu 8th

Fewer coyote sightings in the park this month, but many, many heron sightings.

A blue heron walking across a paved sidewalk

Mon 12th

I biked up Medical Center Way to the nursery at Mt Sutro. Certainly a perk of the e-bike — it’s very steep. Mt Sutro is weird right now — a lot of trail closures, downed trees, and road construction.

A bike locked up to a railing above a nursery
Two downed tree trunks across a narrow dirt path in a forest

I met this cute cat, Riley (?), out for a walk with its human up there! Goals for Gus.

A wide road with lots of debris on it and a small cat walking across it with a collar

I took the suburban roads up from Mt Sutro to Twin Peaks. I’d do that again — there’s a lot of beautiful views.

A suburban intersection with colorful homes and one half of Twin Peaks in the background
A biker going down a steep road into a turn around colorful suburbn homes at blue hour

Tue 13th

The Presidio is such a strange place but I love riding around it. I want to do a post on the Presidio Promenade soon — saving some photos for it.

Two homes in front of lawns at sunset
A cylindrical shaped building with a sign that reads 'Round House Cafe', at dusk

Thu 15th

A wheatpasted poster that reads 'You are in a national park please don't let your dog harrass the birds here. Ocean Beach is habitat for threatened snowy plovers'

Sat 17th

These pink-flowering currants are blooming everywhere in the city right now. These ones by Lake Metson have been my favourite for a few years now.

Pink-flowering currant branches and flowers in front of Lake Metson

It’s been a dramatic month of weather on the Pacific. We risked the rain and got some lunch at Beach’n — happy to have more vegan places in the city. Being vegetarian in San Francisco is pretty easy but going to Los Angeles makes me wish for more.

Black-and-white photo of the beach and sand dunes near Sloat looking towards very low lying fog and clouds
Kat in her red jacket biking down a road under very moody clouds

Kat got fenders on her Trek!

A close-up of the back of a silver fender

Sun 18th

We got our bike corral at Scenic Routes! It’s so great! I’m going to take so many photos like this over the years. ft. Ben’s Romanceur, Jay’s Evasion, Jay’s Velo Orange Campeur, and Jerry’s Stumpjumper. So happy to not have a parking spot for cars right out the doors anymore.

Four bikes in a corral in moody weather

Mon 19th

We bailed on the Great Highway due to the extreme wind gusts here.

Kat looking towards the camera while walking her bike with sand blowing around the road and big clouds in the background

(It says Free Gaza)

Sand blowing across dunes with someone running away with their dog. There's a building tagged with 'Stop Biden! Free Gaza' in the background
Sand blowing into the distance over the dunes and road of the Great Walkway. A windmill is in the background.

But the vibes at Lake Metson were so good — although it gets even better on Saturday.

An abstract pattern of oak branches and moss over a dark lake

Thu 22nd

We biked to Outer Orbit for the screening of Sarah’s debut on Check, Please! Bay Area.

Sarah and Ben biking down the center-running bike lane on Valencia

Sat 24th

Goldberg looking content sitting on a bike

Ben reaching for the doritos in Sarah’s stem caddy.

Ben and Sarah biking down a road balancing their bikes next to each other with Ben reaching over to Sarah's bag
Ben and Kat biking around each other next to the Muni tracks
Goldberg with his front paws on a cow-patterned tote in the bike basket
Kat sitting in the grass looking towards the camera next to her purple Trek bike
Sarah's bike with a Clydesdale cargo fork in the grass against a tree overhanging a small lake.
Jerry holding his Stuntjumper looking at Atlas the pug in his Burley trailer

Sun 25th

My pink Tanglefoot Hardtack in dappled light against a bunch of trees
Kat's blue and gold Bridgestone BB-1 against a tree in dappled light
 Kat biking down a dirt path of puddles in evening light with oak trees

Tue 27th

Ben is also getting fenders! Some turtle-textured Honjos. I’m…25% through the install. It’s hard.

Ben's salmon Romanceur in the bike stand with no rear wheel and a new silver fender.

Wed 28th

I biked to China Beach thinking they’d probably be done the construction by now but turns out it was just the beginning. Now there’s a whole other garden initiative happening. It’s cute but I miss being able to bring my bike down. (You can, I did, but it’s a lot of stairs.)

A mulch path with temporary fencing going down towards China Beach