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  1. An anti-car[ceral] space for lifestyle cycling and joy.
  2. Most of this blog is a log of maintenance and projects I’ve done on my bikes. I also like to post a lot of photos from my rides.
  3. Thoughts coming to you from the san francisco bay area away from social media. I miss the corners of the internet where you’d Google some niche thing and one person with a blog had already written about it. You’d go look at it and they’d have shown their homework and given it to you without watching two minutes of video first or showing you a bunch of ads. These corners still exist and it’s still possible and I’d like to be a part of it — sharing knowledge under the premise of “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.”
  4. No ads, no Patreon, etc. If I’ve written something useful and you’d like to contribute financially in some way then you can buy yourself a membership to Scenic Routes Community Bicycle Center.
  5. No comments because I don’t need to publish what people say on the internet.
  6. This is just a mommy blog for bikes (proof of son at end of page) and without as much fluff. I’ll give you the recipe without ten thousand words first. But maybe like, two hundred words.
  7. I also write a bunch of small thoughts.
  8. You can email me at [email protected].

Technical Bits

  1. This website is served on Cloudflare Pages with their analytics turned on. Cloudflare claims their analytics service does not fingerprint users and is “privacy-first.” I can confirm that they do not give me individual user details such as IP addresses, cookies, etc. It’s always possible they lie and track it for themselves but don’t show me. The images are served from a Cloudflare R2 bucket.
  2. Delivered to your web browser in a reasonably small size.
  3. No cookies. That means no pop-up asking you to accept cookie usage.
  4. Minimal CSS. No custom fonts causing a page re-layout and extra network usage. Dark and light mode support.
  5. Written in Markdown and statically generated by Eleventy1 — to which I am an Open Collective contributor.
  6. This blog is image-heavy and that’s important to me. However, all images are: compressed as much as I think is possible without sacrificing quality too much; served in modern formats (AVIF and WebP); offered in multiple resolutions so that your browser can select the smallest appropriate size; and most are lazily loaded. I use SSIMULACRA 2 to serve images with a target score of roughly 65.
A buff tabby cat named gus with his birthday cake toy

  1. Until Dec 31, 2023 it was generated with Hugo. ↩︎